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OLIVIE- Extra Olive Virgin Oil


Product Description

OLIVIE Plus 30x: thirty times more health benefits in a spoon.

Taste green power: 30 times more hydroxytyrosol powerful polyphenol naturally, 30 times more effective to protect your heart against the LDL cholesterol oxidation (ox-LDL)

Preserve your body cells against oxidative damages. This better helps to avoid serious deseases (such as: cancer, heart infarctus, Parkinson, Alzheimer, among others). OLIVIE Plus 30x with its high concentration of natural polyphenols is particularly suitable for the preventive treatment of:
• Strokes
• Hypertension
• Ageing
• Antioxydant Power
• Cancer
• Antimicrobial effect
• Endocrine
• Psoriasis
• Nervous System

The unique extra virgin olive oil that is exceptionally rich in antioxydants, 100% naturally

The analysis of OLIVIE PLUS 30x extra virgin olive oil produced by Atlas Olive Oils showed that this oil is naturally rich in polyphenols and particularly in Hydroxytyrosol with content of 233 mg/kg, and also in Tyrosol with content of 161 mg/kg.

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430.00 Grams