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Being Muslim: A Practical Guide

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"Being Muslim: A Practical Guide" by Asad Tarsin is a new book written to help people learn how to live and practice the faith of Islam-to learn what Muslims believe, how to pray and fast, and how to perform the Islamic devotions appropriately. This book is not meant to expound on abstract theoretical aspects of Islam, but to give readers practical and useful knowledge that can help them understand what it means to be Muslim. It highlights how we can, on a daily basis, develop a healthy relationship with God, through both devotions and in ordinary daily life.

Paperback: 312 pages
Publisher: Sandala; 1st edition (July 1, 2015)

About the Author
Asad Tarsin has been designing Islamic educational programs and teaching the basics of Islam for more than a decade. After completing his bachelor's degree in Islamic studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, he continued his study of Islamic theology, sacred law, philosophy and spirituality with some of the country’s most prominent Muslim scholars including Shaykh Hamza Yusuf and Dr. Sherman Jackson, among others.  He has served as the curriculum director for the Deen Intensive Foundation for the last ten years and has a particular interest in creating sustainable models of education for new and returning Muslims. He lectures and teaches courses on Islam across the country. Being Muslim: A Practical Guide is his first published work. He is an emergency physician by training and lives in California with his wife and three children.

Reviews (on Amazon)

I've worked with many converts and recommending books has always been quite tedious, due to bits and pieces of vital information being in various books. This book contains everything that a convert would need to know, inwardly and outwardly. It beautifully balances ritual acts with the inner dimensions of worship. It always brings the rituals back to the essence of faith. The author touches on jurisprudence (fiqh), creed ('aqidah), prophetic history (sirah), and ethics/ etiquette (adab). This will definitely be the number one book I recommend to any new Muslim. Apart from the content, it is beautifully laid out, the typography is classy, and overall a pleasure to read. Well done to all those who contributed to this work. (Ali, September 9, 2015)

I have been compiling, editing, and writing a manual to Islam for the beginner, because as a convert I often found the beginners literature either skewed in perspective, limited in scope, or wanting for scholarship. This wonderful addition to the list of essential Dawah books has put an end to this endeavor for me, for a long while I think, precisely because its simplicity, comprehensiveness, and depth are amazingly well compiled into this short treatise. May Allah the most High reward such a momentous offering. (Idris, September 9, 2015)

Nothing comes close to the sweet, encouraging tone of the book, its elegant and concise writing style, or its lovely design. Planning to give to anyone who asks for a guide, also to non-Muslims who are curious out of their good hearts. May the author be blessed! (Nora Hope, January 2, 2016)

This book gives you easy to follow insight into a misunderstood religion that is often scrutinized because of the lack of knowledge. If there is a person who is considering this faith or has questions to be answered, this book is an excellent resource. (Rochee Johnson, November 17, 2015)

This book is unlike any other text for new or returning muslims. The early sections are a fantastic read for anyone looking for an understanding of the foundations of Islam. I was born into a muslim family but only started practicing once I went to college. This book helped correct misunderstandings and misconceptions that I often struggled with. Other books or resources would seem disconnected and outdated. This text is real, relevant, and truly practical with no assumption that you know anything about the religion. (ZA, September 16, 2015)

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